Clinical Medical Assistant

You can become a clinical medical assistant in less than a year, and our program costs a fraction of what other schools are charging.

There are few industries that offer as much opportunity and stability as the healthcare industry.  If you are considering a career in healthcare, becoming a clinical medical assistant may be perfect for you. A career in medical assisting can provide you with everything you’re looking for: a short training period, excellent job opportunities, a good salary, and a professional working environment.

Medical Administration & Billing/Coding

Medical billing and its related occupations are the fastest growing opportunities in healthcare. Insurance companies are spending more time combating fraud and abuse, and the aging population requires more health services.  As a result there is an increase in the demand for qualified coders and billers in hospitals, physician's offices, ambulatory care centers and specialty clinics.

Business Administration & Bookkeeping

Broaden your knowledge and increase the job opportunities available to you by adding electronic accounting to your list of skill sets. This program provides students with the essential knowledge and proficiency needed to obtain an administrative office position in most business environments.

Network Systems Specialist

The ever-increasing changes in the computer industry have created a demand for people who have the knowledge and skills to install, configure, and troubleshoot microcomputers and networking systems. Students must also be able to readily adapt to changing networking and operating systems environments.